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2018/19 Moment of the Year: Mathieu van der Poel (doesn’t) crash

There were many amazing moments this season. With dozens of races and countless hours of action, it is often hard to pick one. However, this season, we quickly came up with one moment that stands out above all the rest.

The GP Sven Nys was the sixth round of the DVV Trofee. After a first lap crash, bike issues (including a trip to the pits), Mathieu van der Poel came back to the front of the race and simply took off. In what had become an all to common scene this season, Van der Poel took the lead and never looked back. However, it was not smooth sailing fo Van der Poel.

This year the course featured a down hill rhythm section. It was a series of humps that riders had to go over while descending. It was the technical feature that would deliver us the Moment of the Year.

Midway through the race, Van der Poel steadily descends through the rhythm section as he has done lap after lap. However, this time around, he suddenly veers to the right side of the course and starts to loose control. In what almost looks like one fluid motion, he unclips his left foot and puts it down to try and maintain his balance. As his left foot starts to slip, he unclips his right foot and jumps off the back of the bike. Then he runs up the little incline and remounts, continuing down the hill.

This non crash was impressive to say the least. It was an amazing moment, thus it’s our Moment of the Year.

Here’s a clip of our Moment of the Year:

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