How Do I Play

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Build your Roster

You can build your roster on your Team page.

Click on the plus (+) icon to add a rider to your roster.

Riders will be listed in order of their rank. You can click on any rider’s name to add them to your roster. If a rider is already on your roster, their name will not be clickable. If you do not have enough money (budget) for that rider, you will be notified.

You can search for a rider (by name) in the rider search box.

To remove a rider on your roster click the minus (-) icon.


Every team starts with the same budget. You can add as many riders to your team until you either hit the maximum number of riders, or run out of money.

If you remove a rider from your roster, you get the amount you paid for him added back into your budget.


The next upcoming race will be listed on your Team page. You will see the name, date and time of that race. Once the races starts (the date/time) your roster will be locked in.

The Standings page contains a complete list of upcoming races. Your roster WILL NOT be changed automatically. So, once you set it, you are good to go. However if one of your riders decides to head to Majorca for the weekend, we will not replace them.