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2018 North American Power Rankings – Week 1

The 2018 North American kicked off this past weekend a pair of C2 races in Virginia. Kerry Werner got his season going by winning both days. Behind him, a variety of North America’s top riders battled it out.

  1. Spencer Petrov
    As with most riders on this list, Petrov has yet to get his season started. However, his consistent results last season and his status as one of the US’s top U23 racers keep him on the list.
  2. Jamie Driscoll
    Driscoll remains a top-ten contender at virtually every race he starts. As with Petrov, he remains on this list as he prepares to start his season.
  3. Anthony Clark
    Moving up two spots, Clark raced in Australia two weeks ago. He was able to pick up a fifth and sixth place in a pair of C2 races against a surprisingly strong field. He also finished third in this weeks Qiansen Trophy Round 1 race in Japan.
  4. Curtis White
    At 23 years-old White is another youngster on this list. Last year he did not finished outside the top ten and this year should be no different.
  5. Jeremy Powers
    Powers is looking to return to top form this year. He is always a favorite to go for the win and we will season how his early season form is this weekend.
  6. Gage Hecht
    Hecht is another U23 riders on this list. He only had one non top ten finish last year and looks to cement his spot on this list with a solid performance this weekend.
  7. Jack Kisseberth
    Kisseberth was one of three riders on this list who kicked off his season in Virginia. He was able to pick up a second place on Saturday and a tenth place on Sunday. Therefore he should be a podium contender this weekend.
  8. Tobin Ortenblad
    Ortenblad landed on the podium both days last weekend. He was just off the pace on Saturday where he finished third. On Sunday, he forced Kerry Werner to his limits, narrowly losing out on victory. With two podium appearances, and another strong start to the season, look for Ortenblad to be in contention for the podium this weekend.
  9. Kerry Werner
    Two races meant two victories for Werner. Both days came down to close sprints and Werner proved that he has what it takes. This makes him a heavy favorite for the podium this weekend.
  10. Stephen Hyde
    The reigning US and Pan-American champion, Hyde had a great season last year. He is the heavy favorite heading into this weekends races. We believe he has what it takes to pick up a win and stamp his authority on the North American cross scene.