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World Cup: Waterloo predictions

The 2019/20 World Cup returns to Waterloo, WI for round number two at the Trek CX Cup. As the name suggests, the race takes place on the land surrounding Trek’s headquarters. The three-day event offers a C2 race on Friday as well as the World Cup on Sunday. This is the third year this race has offered a World Cup round. The previous winners on the men’s side were Toon Aerts and Mathieu van der Poel and Sanne Cant and Marianne Vos on the women’s side.

Last week we talked about the various nations represented, field sizes and riders ages. It was interesting to look at the disparity amongst the different nations, especially on the woman’s side of things. Since the riders and nations are essentially the same, we will just jump right into our predictions.

Elite Men

Eli Iserbyt took home his first Elite World Cup race victory last Saturday in Iowa City. He went to the front early and after several groups split, reformed, and split again, he found himself at the front with the likes of Toon Aerts and Daan Soete. In the end, Iserbyt would ride away from everyone else to win by nearly a minute. Toon Aerts finished second ahead of a group of three that contained Daan Soete, Gianni Vermeersch and Laurens Sweeck.

We think those same riders will be at the front of this Sundays race in Waterloo. Here’s how we think things will shake out:

  1. Toon Aerts
  2. Eli Iserbyt
  3. Gianni Vermeersch

Elite Women

Maghalie Rochette came out swinging this year winning all four races she has started. This includes a pair of C1s, a C2, and most importantly, a World Cup. She is the clear favorite on Sunday in Waterloo and we like her odds to win. Like the men, we expect the same names and faces to be at the front of the race as last weeks World Cup race in Iowa City.

Here’s who we think will land on the podium:

  1. Maghalie Rochette
  2. Evie Richards
  3. Inge van der Heijden

Who do you think is going to win this weekend? Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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