2019 US Cyclocross National Championships

The North American season has long finished, so we are revisiting the five North American (really just American) riders we picked to watch this season. If we look strictly at the end of the season (US Nationals) you will see that these riders were the top five finishers. However, each rider took a different path to get there and had… read more

2020 Cyclocross World Championships Dubendorf

After predicting over 20 races, including 18 National Championships, in January, things return to a bit of normalcy for the final month of the season. We start off by predicting… read more

Laurens Sweeck wins in MIddelkerke 2020

The end of the season has come. The final two weeks of the season saw four C1 races wind down what has been another incredible season. Middelkerke played host to… read more

2020 Swiss National Championship - Elite Men

Another month, another predictions round up. This month has the most predictions we have ever made, as we predicted the Elite Men’s and Women’s podium of all the… read more

2019 World Cup Namur

We have fallen incredibly behind on our monthly prediction wrap ups. As a results we are going to run through the last three months of the season relatively quickly. For… read more

Vestingcross Hulst

The penultimate week of the 2019/20 season is upon us. There are four races left on the calendar and all of them are C1s. This weekend, the Superprestige series… read more

DVV Trofee party tent at krawatencross

As the season winds down, the DVV Trofee and Superprestige series are back for the final few rounds. This week, we discuss Wout van Aert’s win in Lille (along… read more