Dutch Women at the 2020 Cyclocross World Championships

Our 2019/20 European Rider of the Year came down to a handful riders. The obvious candidate was Mathieu van der Poel, but like last year, we recognize his dominance, but are going in another direction. Laurens Sweeck came to mind after winning both the Superprestige and Belgian titles. Eli Iserbyt was also on our list as he was very… read more

Rebecca Fahringer

Choosing the North American Rider of the Year was a very tough decision. When we first wrote down names, we came up with six riders. This included three men and… read more

2019 Cyclocross World Cup Namur

Midway through the Elite Men’s World Cup race in Namur, we knew it would be the Race of the Year. Course changes combined with epic weather conditions led to… read more

Curtis White and Kerry Werner battle

The story of the year in the Elite Men’s ranks was the battle between Curtis White and Kerry Werner. While Gage Hecht’s ride at Nationals deserves mention, we… read more

Felipe Orts

For the 2019/20 European season, we chose five riders to watch. We chose each rider for various reasons, from expected improvement to a return from injury. Almost everyone of… read more

2019 US Cyclocross National Championships

The North American season has long finished, so we are revisiting the five North American (really just American) riders we picked to watch this season. If we look strictly at… read more

2020 Cyclocross World Championships Dubendorf

After predicting over 20 races, including 18 National Championships, in January, things return to a bit of normalcy for the final month of the season. We start off by predicting… read more