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Week 15 Predictions: Superprestige Zonhoven and NBX GP of Cross 2

Week 15 features 12 races in seven countries. All of them are C2, except for IKO cyclocross Essen and Superprestige Zonhoven. Mathieu van der Poel will not be racing in Zonhoven, so we thought it would be fun to predict that race. Especially because it’s one of our favorites thanks to the sand pit. Elsewhere in Europe, there are races in Spain, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.

With one weekend left before US Nationals, the North American riders have two choices of UCI C2 races. They can either go to NBX GP in Rhode Island, or Resolution Cross Cup in Texas. As we mentioned, both events offer a pair of C2 races on Saturday and Sunday. We are going with day two of the NBX GP. It’s one of a few races on our bucket list to do…we love sand!

NBX GP of cross 2 (Sunday)

Elite Men

With one weekend left before US Nationals, this weekend offers the last opportunity for riders to get in a bit of racing before the showdown in Tacoma, Washington. Some of the top riders are opting not to race as they are training to reach peak form next Sunday. The three riders who made up the podium last year (Stephen Hyde, Kerry Werner and Curtis White) are all waiting until next weekend to throw down. As a result, the race is wide open for some of the younger and lesser known talent to shine.

  1. Lane Maher
  2. Ben Frederick
  3. Merwin Davis

Elite Women

Unlike the top US men, the top US women are in action this weekend, including in Rhode Island. Katie Compton and Katie Keough are using this weekend to travel back from Europe, but plenty of other top riders are in action. Rebecca Fahringer tops that list, while Ruby West, Emil Curley are one of nearly half a dozen riders who should contend for the podium.

  1. Rebecca Fahringer
  2. Ruby West
  3. Rachel Rubino

Superprestige Zonhoven

Elite Men

Without Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert, the race in Zonhoven is wide open. Van der Poel and van Aert have occupied the top two spots for the past three years. Over the past few weeks we have seen a variety of riders land on the podium. While we are not going to get into the debate, without van der Poel, there are nearly a dozen riders who could contend for the podium.

  1. Toon Aerts
  2. Laurens Sweeck
  3. Eli Iserbyt

Elite Women

Sanne Cant has dominated Zonhoven, winning five of the past six editions. However, her form is not where it was the past few years. While you can never count her out, we are once again looking at the Dutch to dominate the race.

  1. Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado
  2. Annemarie Worst
  3. Laura Verdonschot

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